This is the official website of the Gösting Castle Preservation Society, Austria’s oldest association of that kind. The website provides information about the Gösting Castle’s 900 years of rich history and about its development as well as its special significance as a building. A main concern of the website is the correct presentation of all of the society’s issues.

Setting an example for many other societies of its kind, the Gösting Castle Society has pursued one single important and purely idealistic goal from the very beginning of its activities in the year 1925: the careful restoration and preservation of the castle’s precious medieval walls. The impressive Gösting Castle represents a cultural treasure of enormous significance which cannot be appreciated highly enough. In order to document and protect this excellent proof of our ancestors’ achievements and skills and in order to save this exceptional, internationally acknowledged cultural value, the Gösting castle’s ruins have to be cared for in a proud, competent and responsible manner. Any measure altering or destroying the historic quality of the premises has to be taken as a sign of an ignorant and irreparable infringement of Austria’s historical and cultural heritage.

For many centuries, the venerable Gösting castle has been looking down from its prominent observation point of about 700ft above the city of Graz and the valley of the river Mur below. From down there, the awe-inspiring castle looks especially impressive, dominating all of the northern part of Graz. Gösting is one of the oldest and most important ruined castles of Austria, still showing much of its original structure and building stock from the second half of the 12th century. A lightening stroke in 1723 marked the beginning of a series of severe damages leading to the castle’s decay. Taking care of the castle since 1925, the Gösting Castle Preservation Society has been trying eagerly to cautiously protect and restore the building and research it scientifically.

A visit to Gösting Castle combined with a stroll through the beautiful nature of northern Graz and a rewarding view over the city, as well as a stay at the castle’s charming tavern with its cosy atmosphere will please locals and tourists alike. Experience yourself the special fascination and beauty of this attraction and its surroundings – all so close to Graz.