Current situation

The situation in respect to the castle’s buildings and their preservation has, unfortunately, still not changed for the better. The owner continues to show no signs of genuine interest towards a professional and skilled preservation of the ruins:

The few, rather inappropriate “repair” works which were ordered by the owner over the years, have, according to the Federal Monuments Office, evidently caused more harm than good for the castle. Renovating measures for those sections of the castle which are particularly endangered and which would be especially important to be worked on, continue to be ignored. Unfortunately, this does not come as a surprise as the castle’s owner has never taken care of these issues in the 18 years of his ownership. He has never been interested in the essential, profound and suitable input and support offered to him by the Gösting Castle Society free of charge.

The following areas are particularly threatened by decay: the apse’s foundations, the area above the toilet facilities which have started to crumble years ago, the base of the donjon, and the donjon ceiling’s weather tightness. The continuously bad state of the inner path is yet another clear sign of the owner’s lack of interest in providing an appropriate and clean public access to his castle.

The lush growth all around and inside the castle is another area of serious concern: If this kind of wild vegetation is not stopped in time, it will soon be impossible to see the castle at all. What makes the situation even worse is that this kind of untamed, straggling growth, roots in particular, cause severe and irreversible damage to the castle’s walls and foundations.

The following pictures illustrate the sad situation on Gösting castle as it has been over the last few years and demonstrate that the owner hardly shows any interest in keeping the castle well maintained.



The castle is hardly visible anymore.


Straggling bushes in the squires’ quarters.


„Botanical gardens“ in the great hall.


Overgrown inner path.


The upper castle is hidden in bushes.


Icicles in the leaky donjon.


Damaged floor in the donjon.


Crumbling foundations on the donjon’s western side.


Large parts of the apse’s foundations are breaking off.


The toilet facility’s broken pillar.


Ragged path.


Overgrown access to the castle.